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Talkathon series :

Ms Fightfire ( FF ) vs Ms Sereinity ( S )

(In a very jocular vein)

It is absolutely futile and fruitless , at all times, to get into furious fisticuffs with every sundry.

Sometimes, fleeing far away without fiery fight is the best option.

Ms.Firefight ( FF ) : reaches SEREINITY’s home for a chat.

Hi Serenity (S).☹️

S : Come! Welcome FF. Nice to meet you. Long time no see. Please sit down.πŸ˜‡

FF : ( in her customary temper ) Where is the time? All my day is spent in firefighting.
These days people just don’t have mind and manners.
The other day Ms.Gentle told me I am beautiful. What does she think of herself?😑

S : But FF poor little G complimented you.πŸ€—

FF: You keep quiet. I detected sarcasm in her tone and gave her a big piece of my mind. Hope she doesn’t cut sword with me again. Foolish female.😩😠

S : No response. Quiet.😌

FF: Why are you keeping silent? Do you support such people? I know you are highly diplomatic which I never like. πŸ˜•

Do you always want to be in good books of all. Really height of it !.

S: Just smiling…No response. 😌

FF : See S I hate people who are doormat. They lack character by keeping mum. An eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth is what i totally endorse and emulate.😠

S : ( very calmly and as a matter of fact) An underplay of emotions will do wonders for our well being. Why wage a war? What difference does it make what others mean, think , decipher, construe or misconstruct about us?.
The fact we give IMPORTANCE to them and their loose talks further encourages them to attack. My views. Why give an upperhand unnecessarily? 😊

FF : I will not let go.The other day I routed four at one go. Blasted the daylights out of them. I hope they do not cross my path again. Am I a mere mute witness to such an unworthy behaviour? Not me, please. I do have my self esteem.πŸ˜’

By the way , S how do you so well control your emotions and just stare without a blink of an eyelid ? I just can’t relate to people like you.🀯

S: FF , it is our own mechanism to not respond or to retort. I prefer the former. I do admit to you FF, many times I cringe from inside, but displaying emotions, is a sure shot sign of giving up and giving in.
I just do not care. But as I say, each to his own.πŸ™‚

FF: Ya I remember why I came here , wanted to yell at you. The other day you ignored me in the office get together. I was really mad at you. I seek a clear concise clarification from you of your rude behaviour. Just now.🀨

S : No FF , I was just too tired and was out of tune. Totally worn out. Please do not mind me. It was totally amiss of me to look past you. Sorry dear. Really I mean it.☺️

FF : Hey! this one time please excuse me. I do not like to hurt you. You are too sweet a person unlike the other creatures.πŸ₯Ί

S : Don’t you worry FF . I know behind your hard exterior lies a soft heart. All I want to beg of you is to tone down and not take little things too seriously.

Why do you raise your BP, sugar and stress levels for no rhyme or reason? πŸ˜‡

People blurt out , forget and move away , but to seethe from within only raises our cortisol levels.
Please do not pay much heed to every Tom Dick and Harry.☺️

FF : I can’t change overnight. But you do make sense sometimes……..πŸ˜™

S : See FF , there are only two types of people, the ones who mean a lot to us and the other absolutely not worth associating with.

The ones who mean will never hurt and the other non entities, the less said the better.

Please OBLITERATE them from your life.

FF be happy, think positive and be at peace .😌

Here please have some homemade tarts, biscuits and cake and this ginger lemonade , your favourite. Cheer up FF.πŸ˜‡

FF: Happily munching on the delicacies in an introspective moment and silence. 😌

S : Absolutely still . Can we watch a comedy movie FF? It will brighten your mood.

FF: ( lost and thinking) Not today S. Thank you. Ya I totally recollect , have to barge in Ms.Dolittle’s house to pound her. She unnecessarily belittled me the other day.😳

S : Please Please FF.😌

FF: Bye S. Thanks. Have to go to catch Dolittle red handed. High time she is shown her place.😑

S : shaking her head in dismay and in silence leads FF to the door.

Yes , my dear friends, we know, there are many who will not stop or stoop to confront every sundry.

They will not accept, even the well meaning statements at face value. The net result people like FF are always at tenterhooks. Can’t blame them. They do not want to reform in their stand of nit picking and let things AS IS WHERE IS.🧐

On the other hand , people like S know that to let go and not bother , to not give undue importance to mindless statements and not to be a drama queen makes all the difference.πŸ˜‡

What is right and What is wrong? To respond or retreat? It all lies in the eyes of the beholder and a matter of pure perception.

I prefer to not respond or react. Till date , it has held me in the highest happiness and health.

Over to you friends..😊😊

Published by sprightlydaffodils

Dear friends, Health and happiness always. Our life is an extremely beautiful journey. It becomes even more blissful, when we see the brightest silver lining which is light and wisdom. To smile, care and share has a boomerang effect. It bounces back to us manifold times. Let's please, together be cheerful, bring smiles and touch the lives of, as many as we can, then ,with a great joy say, LIFE WELL LIVED. Have tried my best to maintain originality in the writings. However, the photos appended are sourced from the different sites searched from google, for which I express my heartfelt gratitude to the creators of the images. All of them are taken from non copyrighted sites. The owners of these photos, can surely bring to my notice, in case, they want them removed. Will on top priority do the needful. Happy Reading! Prayers and best wishes, 🌻 🌳 🌻 πŸ€

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