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Ms.Butterfly and Ms.Bonhomie

Talkathon series.

Ms. Butterfly and Ms.Bonhomie in a telephonic tete a tete.

( a light take on the temporary material ( Ms. Butterfly ) vs the permanent transcendental ( Ms.Bonhomie)

Ms.Butterfly: very excitedly. Hello Hello How are you ?. I am pestered with the permanent pest , the PANDEMIC.😑😑

Ms. Bonhomie : in a calm melidious tone.. Hi Butterfly. Fine thank you. The tempest with a twist brought a great work life balance. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Ms.Butterfly : Quite hectic schedule. Virtual globe trotting. No time to stand and stare.πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ
Knowing you , you surely would be quite contented with a calm undisturbed slow dull and drab life.πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ How do you tolerate your own solitude and silence?.

Ms.Bonhomie : Butterfly each to his own. I hate speed . I prefer the tortoise and the turtle.πŸ˜‡.
Quite happy balance of life.
I feel three a crowd. Most of my time, I spend doing things I cherish. You could term passion and profession in one go.

Ms. Butterfly :Wow! No wonder you joyously gave up on top positions. Can’t dream of such momentary impulses. Btw Bonhomie Are you suggesting power, position and perks are redundant accessories ? What a preposterous suggestion ? Do you want all of us to wear saffron robes and hide in the Himalayas?

Ms.Bonhomie : No Dear. On the contrary , the above mentioned , do have their greatest place but in moderation. When not judiciously used , they could be jinxed.
They are like the sharp double edged knife. What is the use of that crores lying in the bank waiting for being pulled out?
We do NEED all these, but not WANT all of them. In proportionate measure , YES ! otherwise our wisdom would be clouded. My point , could be subject to correction.

Excess of anything would surely lead to hoarding and in the process happiness is lost.

We should know to press the play ,pause and the stop button carefully .

Ms.Butterfly: Got it..What is your daughter doing ?.

Ms.Bonhomie : At Harvard, faring fine. Thank you. What about your child ?.

Ms.Butterfly : Wading through the waters to stay and not sink . Quite an attention deficit child.
Couldn’t give much of my time during the formative years.
Do you know of any remedies for me to come off insomnia?. Of late my dosage has been doubled.

Ms.Bonhomie : A dash of silence, a teaspoon of meditation and a tablespoon of solitude. Too much socializing could be quite taxing. Don’t worry you will be fit and fine. A shift of your priorities can do you wonders. Cheer up..

Ms Butterfly: OH ! Ya ! I have to sprint, party tonight, tomorrow night out with friends , day after I am hosting a party JUST LIKE THAT and then………….( long list). You are cordially invited.

Ms.Bonhomie : Thanks much as I would love to , I am desperate to lay my hands on Emily Dickinson’s book of poems. Surely next time. See you, we will catch up later. Bye ByeBye.

A very friendly banter on where to stop, the ideal time for self realization and the beautiful idea there is a best lovely life from the grinds of the mills of money and mighty position, if only we care to explore. We need to stop , ponder and put a brake before our engines get too damaged.

Can we ? Why not ? Our marvellous mind is waiting for that one very small command to CALM and stay COOL. We can and we surely will.

Published by sprightlydaffodils

Dear friends, Health and happiness always. Our life is an extremely beautiful journey. It becomes even more blissful, when we see the brightest silver lining which is light and wisdom. To smile, care and share has a boomerang effect. It bounces back to us manifold times. Let's please, together be cheerful, bring smiles and touch the lives of, as many as we can, then ,with a great joy say, LIFE WELL LIVED. Have tried my best to maintain originality in the writings. However, the photos appended are sourced from the different sites searched from google, for which I express my heartfelt gratitude to the creators of the images. All of them are taken from non copyrighted sites. The owners of these photos, can surely bring to my notice, in case, they want them removed. Will on top priority do the needful. Happy Reading! Prayers and best wishes, 🌻 🌳 🌻 πŸ€

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