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A to Z of Life – Certain of my Observations


Greetings ! to one and all.

Please read the friendly banter of my logical mind and the devils advocate mind , this will surely , convey the main purpose of my decision , to pen in few articles, poems etc, which would be posting in the coming days, at regular intervals. Hope you all enjoy reading them, as much as I do, while composing and writing them.

Logical Mind ( LM ) : Hey, have decided to post positive , humorous and non domain related messages in various social platforms.

Devils Advocate Mind ( DAM ) : What ? Have I heard it right? SOCIAL? You are a highly introverted kind, or so I thought? Why this sudden U turn? Want to become a motivational coach? They are dime a dozen now. And correct me, if I am wrong, you started writing , right from the age of eight years . I unearthed ,quite a few personal diaries marked “Highly Confidential”

LM : Yeah , D that’s not fair. Did you read them?

DAM : My ethics do not permit me to snoop in the sly.

LM : Oh! Thank God. Obliged. You are right , I keep ever evolving and viewing the current trends and also many times ,my own status of stress, negativity and moroseness , draws me to explore the possibility of spreading happiness and positive thoughts

DAM : Do you have an expertise on this? Are you qualified enough, for such a preconceived presumption?

LM : Does anyone need to possess great qualifications for spreading joy around.

DAM : Are you telling me or asking?

LM : Just expressing my innermost thoughts. I felt have reached certain state of calm , contentment and absolute bliss, am more than half way through. I read somewhere, our life is a magnet , it attracts , spreads and thrives on positive emotions. Felt , could experiment on this new area , as a mere humble human being.

DAM : You sound quite preachy and also project a holier than thou attitude

LM : No D, on the contrary far from this. Felt , if am in a happy state , shouldn’t I take great pleasure in bringing joy in the life of the few I can touch upon.

DAM : Will anyone ever read anything you write? I think, you never learn from your lessons. Last time, you sat two whole nights, burning the candle on both ends and not a soul even saw it, let alone a single like . Can’t you utilize your time more fruitfully? Maybe commercially?

LM : D, now you are being rude. Please don’t remind me of my debacles, am fully conscious of them. I am not into any TRP ratings, even if one person reads it , my mission fulfilled. Also don’t you think , every activity, need not rake in some money.

DAM : OK OK. Got it! Your point of view. Please go ahead, but don’t get too preachy and exhibit holier than thou attitude.

LM : Thanks D for repeating the same thing again and again. Have crystal clear heard you! Truly appreciate !. Will you , as usual , help me , in analyzing both the extreme ends of the spectrum which you are a master blaster at.

DAM : Is this a compliment? If so ,Thank you too. I will keep providing my inputs frequently. I am known for this. Hope you do not get offended. You are known to be quite high strung.

LM : Don’t worry . You can speak your mind freely, whenever you want to. No offences taken.


A: Aim and aspire for the vast blue expanse and the sparkling stars above, you will achieve them.

B: Behind the success of mankind , there is a beautiful lotus hand of our benevolent creator.

C: Count your blessings for they are never subject to the law of diminishing marginal returns.

D: Desire, Dreams, Dedication, Determination and Diligence adds value to your Destiny.

E : Ego hurts not others but erodes the self.

F: Friends and family ferry us towards our future.

G : Greatest are those, despite their countless contributions, retreat away from the limelight.

H: Highest happiness comes from the smallest pleasures , totally free of cost.

I : In the midst of total chaos and cacophony , one must find oneself.

J : Joy, laughter and jokes are highly infectious. Spread them.

K : Key to our well being is within us. Introspect within.

L : Lead a lovely and lively life

M : My religion is compassion, excellence and innovation. I practice it at all times.

N : Neither wallow in self pity nor self glorification. None pay heed, except ourselves.

O : Of what is the vast knowledge and learning when not utilized?

P: Principles and Strength of character is revealed in actions and not in speech.

Q: Quick sudden success slides down the quickest.

R: Respect and reverence for all of our mighty creator’s creations , creates an universal equilibrium.

S : Sing the sweet songs of freedom and fraternity and develop the wings to fly merrily.

T : The edifice which is built on Trust and Truth thrives.

U : Unconditional beautiful relations survive the test of time and the vagaries of the seasons.

V : Victory and defeat are one and the same. Those who do not accept defeat are victorious.

W : Why me ? Why me? Please replace this with, Why not me? We can and We certainly will.

X: X’perience is the path towards enlightenment. Don’t lament over the stumbling blocks.

Y: YOU ALL and ME compound to form WE, the tiny droplets of the same gigantic marvelous ocean.

Z: Zoom in all your happiness, hope and health. These define us.

Published by sprightlydaffodils

Dear friends, Health and happiness always. Our life is an extremely beautiful journey. It becomes even more blissful, when we see the brightest silver lining which is light and wisdom. To smile, care and share has a boomerang effect. It bounces back to us manifold times. Let's please, together be cheerful, bring smiles and touch the lives of, as many as we can, then ,with a great joy say, LIFE WELL LIVED. Have tried my best to maintain originality in the writings. However, the photos appended are sourced from the different sites searched from google, for which I express my heartfelt gratitude to the creators of the images. All of them are taken from non copyrighted sites. The owners of these photos, can surely bring to my notice, in case, they want them removed. Will on top priority do the needful. Happy Reading! Prayers and best wishes, ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒณ ๐ŸŒป ๐Ÿ€

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