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About: Health and happiness always

The whole Universe dances joyously to the melodies of our most beloved mother Earth. Let’s please respect and nurture her, for she selflessly, very gently, continues to take care of us forever. SHE is an epitome of goodness, grace and godliness.

Dear Friends,

Heartiest welcome!

My write-ups pertain to the resplendent glories of our most beloved mother Earth, positivity and bliss. Isn’t it so, that pure joy is the main reason for us to live and celebrate to colours and health?

In this extremely fast paced life, each of us are in search of happiness, health, peace and prosperity. The finest of all what we desire will reach us eventually. Faith and patience does the trick.

An honest confession, am not at all a subject matter expert in all what I write. Just a small and sincere attempt.

Just like the sprightly daffodils, a most beautiful sight to behold, let’s please bring sunshine into our lives as also spread joy all around.

Your constructive feedback is solicited.

Please stay blessed.

Kind regards,